Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright

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  • Producent: Frances Lincoln
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Oprawa: Hardcover, Format: 7.9 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches, Stron: 160, 2015 r.

The product of extended visits to properties associated with Wright, and extensive interviews with surviving colleagues and stents, this is the first book in full colour to focus on Wright's four most famous residential landscapes—his first home and stio at Oak Park, Illinois; his magnificent 3,000 acre summer home Taliesin, Wisconsin; his 600-acre winter home Taliesin West, Arizona; and Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, the commission that made him world famous.

From: Introduction - Wright's Love of Nature

Frank Loyd Wright (1867-1959) is world famous as an architect. He was a genius in the way he wedded stone and wood, steel and concrete, buildings and nature. Less well known - in fact, hardly known at all - is Wright's remarkable gift for landscape design and the beautiful gardens he cultivated during his lifetime, particularly at his summer home, Taliesin, and his winter home Taliesin West. Cornelia Brierly, landscape architect and graduate of Wright's architectural fellowship, has been associated with Wright's work for more than 75 years. When asked how she rated Wright as a landscape architect, she declared: "He was the greatest landscape architect that ever lived. " In my view, this is hardly an exaggeration. Wright's landscapes can be compared with those of the great British landscape architect, Capability Brown (1716-1783), whose work transformed the gardens of the stately homes of England; and the Brazilian, Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994), whose acclaimed landscape projects incle the promenade at Rio de Janeiro's fabulous Copacabana Beach. Like Wright, both gardened on a vast scale, altering the natural landscape to create magnificent vistas that disappear into infinity. All created lakes, bridges, woodland, hills and contours where none previously existed. Because Wright was an architect as well as a landscaper, he not only knew how best to site a residence in a particular location, and how best to improve a challenging landscape, but also where to leave nature alone. ...


A fabulous tribute to the major works of one of the most influential designers of the 20th century. Bookseller Synonymous with great architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright also created beautiful gardens. This is a record of them and is full of inspiration to carry you through the winter till your garden flourishes again. The book will allow you to wander through the awsome Taliesin or exquisite Fallingwater in your mind's eye, and demonstrates the principle that gardeners should complement nature, not engineer her. Waterstone's Books Quarterly Did Frank Lloyd Wright design gardens during his long career? This glorious books shows us that he most certianly did. Author Derek Fell has taken all the photographs, which really capture the way the designer's mind was working... One can see echoes of Wright's style in the work of various American landscape designers and his importance in this sphere has been underestimated. This book helps redress that balance. BBC Gardens Illustrated Fell's book is a substantial coffee table editon, lavishly illustrated and carefully crafted so as to give the reader an insight into Wright's work. Reckless Gardener Derek Fell shared his first thoughts about Frank Lloyd Wright's landscapes with Historic Gardens Review. Now here's the book - and a highly interesting one it is, as well as beautifully illustrated, as one would expect from this skilled writer-photographer. Historic Gardens Review A great book for lovers of the famous American architect. English Garden A delightful and instructive book on his houses and their designed landscapes. Irish Times A sumptuous photographic feaast with an enlightening text. Limited Edition, South Worcestershire & Cotswolds A great book for amateur gardeners or garden visitors. Art Book