Grand Batik Interiors

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Okładka: twarda, Format:  26,8x26,8 cm, Stron: 228, 2007 r.

"Grand Batik Interiors" unravels the historical trajectory of batik. It records batik's transformation from its traditional context into the world of modernity. It examines the way this cloth with its deeply embedded, multi-layered meanings has been re-created to become relevant to a modern lifestyle, incling its use in the garment/fashion, and interior design industries. The book's mastermind, Joop Ave, was the first person to encourage Indonesian batik masters to venture out into interior design by commissioning them to create enlarged batik motif wall hangings. In the 1970s designers like Iwan Tirta, Ardiyanto and Harry Soeharyo, to name the pioneering individuals, responded to Joop Ave's call and were creating innovative and original batiks for interior design. By the 2000s, a new generation of batik designers had emerged, treading the path once opened by their seniors, and which led to the blossoming of a new local industry. The old pioneering masters, meanwhile, consolidated their works. The book examines the way that these designers have adapted batik motifs to silver, ceramic, wood and leather.