Green Design. Vol. 2

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  • Producent: Braun
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ISBN 978-3-03768-151-0

Oprawa:Hardcover with dust jacket , Format:  21x28,5 cm, Stron: 232, 587 colored pictures, 2013 r.



  • Energy (Ecotypic Bed by Se Xin, China)
  • Fashion (Oat Shoes by Christiaan Maats, The Netherlands)
  • Home (Otarky Rocking Chair by Igor Gitelstain, Israel)
  • Light (Eistla by Stepehn Shaheen, USA)
  • Public (SolarSails by Robert Dane, Australia)
  • Work (Jeremy Table by Max Silvana, Great Britain)


Elegant, innovative, or extravagant design can hardly exist on its own today as the eco-friendly and sustainable design of products has become a main selling point - especially where one is prepared to pay a little more for the design. That principle also applies to specific products in terms of their manufacturing, for example if they are resource sparing, their use, e.g. if they are low-emission, and finally their disposal, e.g. if they are compostable.

Green Design, Vol. 2 shows the most varied strategies of environmentally compatible design. The selection of products covers a wide range of areas of modern life. Especially notable are the recycling of unusual materials, fair production and fair trade, low-energy use, and finally the principle of conversion instead of disposal.