Green Plants for small spaces, indoors and out

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ISBN 978-1-74379-554-5

Oprawa: zintegrowania, Format: 20x24 cm, Stron: 192, Ciężar: 0,68 kg, 2023 r.

In Green, Jason Chongue of The Plant Society simplifies how to curate and look after plants in small urban spaces. Green is a practical and personal guide to creating urban gardens and styling with plants, with tips for a range of environments and climates, inside or out. From balconies, porches, courtyards and small backyards to entryways, offices and living spaces, this 'how to' guide is an approachable resource for gardeners of all types.

Chapters cover understanding your climate, a plant maintenance calendar, curating a range of spaces and appreciating plants in public spaces, as well as quick tips for styling and plant care. Jason also invites 'Plant People' across the globe to provide an insight into how people are inspired by nature. Green is the perfect guide to small-space gardening, beautifully photographed and illustrated, and will help you transform your indoor and outdoor spaces into a lush, healthy oasis in no time.