Greetings from Europe Landscape & Leisure

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Oprawa: miękka, Format:  24x17 cm, Stron: 194,  2008, tekst w języku angielskim


Thirty European schools teaching landscape architecture or leisure management have been doing research by design into the relationship between the European landscape and leisure. Inspired by travel guides, the book takes the reader to each of the participating countries, providing an analysis along with particular design and planning solutions. Themed essays written by professionals are also incled and are enhanced with alternating maps of European leisure-scapes, picture postcards, poems, photographs, general tourist information and statistics.

Leisure has a huge impact on the European landscapes. Contemporary Western life has given rise to all sorts of mobilities, flexibilities and incentives that fuel the sometimes dramatic changes in the landscape we are witnessing today. Can the relationship between leisure and landscape be a productive one and, if so, under what conditions? This complex relationship was the subject of a European project, instigated by Dirk Sijmons, Dutch Government Advisor on Landscape, involving thirty universities from twenty countries. This book presents the resulting design proposals. To set the scene, the relations between landscape and human leisure activity are explored by four experts. The history of leisure and tourism in Europe is analysed by examining archetypal landscapes and practices. The epilogue reflects on the wider prospects for leisure and landscape in Europe in a rapidly changing world. The book is richly illustrated throughout with maps, striking facts and figures, and photography by Martin Parr.

With support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands Architecture Fund and the Chief Government Architect.