Hidden Urbanism. Architecture and Design of the Moscow Metro 1935 – 2015

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ISBN 978-3-86922-412-1
: Hardcover , Format: 23,5x30,5 cm, Stron: 60, 
352 Seiten, 500 Abbildungen , 2016 r.

The Moscow metro comprises a route network with a total length of 320 km and is the most fascinating underground transport system in the world. Each year more than 2.4 billion passengers use almost 200 stations which are rich in architectural design. The aim is for a further 80 km – that is a quarter of the current network – to be connected by 2017. The metro of the Russian capital is thus on the threshold of an enlargement which will be the largest in its history. This elaborately designed illustrated book focuses on the architecture and its associated design from the signage, to the logo branding, to the many printed materials. Three text contributions consider the underground world of traffic engineering in terms of construction history, from the point of view of the Chief Architect of Moscow, architectural history and the design bureau which lent the metro its unmistakable character. This book continues the academic sties pursued by DOM publishers with regard to Soviet and Russian history of art and technology, encompassing the widespread fascination with cosmonautics, prefabricated mass housing and underground mass transportation.