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Wydawnictwo: JACQUI SMALL
Autor: Vinny Lee
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
189,00 zł

Okładka: twarda, Format:  25x23 cm, Stron: 224,  2015 r., w języku angielskim

Kitchenalia showcases the vast creative potential of vintage kitchenware, reclaimed furniture and upcycled accessories. Here is everything you need for furnishing and styling a kitchen with personality, panache and unique retro charm.

Kitchenalia is an inspiring guide to putting together a unique and creative kitchen using vintage pots and pans, family treasures such as your grandmother’s old scales, classic designs that have stood the test of time, retro-inspired and second-hand china and glass and reclaimed and reinvented surfaces and furniture.

This book demonstrates that period pieces, whether retro utensils and gadgets, farmhouse furniture or salvaged surfaces, are the antithesis of the mass-produced modern alternatives and have a timeless integrity. Sourcing such items from flea markets and antiques fairs is a unique and rewarding way to kit out a kitchen.

Vinny Lee first shows how three designers transform a modern fitted kitchen in very different ways, to demonstrate how easy it is to add a personal sense of style. The Kitchenalia Kitchen then showcases the key styles and themes that characterize this approach, incling the Retro Kitchen, the Collector’s Kitchen, the Reclaimed Kitchen and the Painted Kitchen. Kitchenalia Elements presents everything that can be used to get the look you want, from pans, crockery, storage tins and containers to furniture, surfaces and lighting.

Packed with advice on sourcing, reinventing, repurposing and displaying, Kitchenalia is an inspiring and informative guide to creating a kitchen with heart and soul.