Loft Residences

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  • Producent: Artpower
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  • 289,00 zł

ISBN: 978-988-13541-7-4

Oprawa twarda, Format 24,8x29 cm, Stron 304, 2015 r.

Nowadays, Loft has become a stylish art fashion storming the whole world. Originally, Loft was created as a group of down and out artists turned wastes into treasures. Whereas, as a lifestyle and a vogue, Loft emerges as a mark of conspicuous consumption today. Blessed with huge spatial flexibility of Loft people can build their dreamed home and life at will without being restricted by existing items. The merit of Loft lifestyle lies in that it allows the residents living in the bustling urban to enjoy the unchained outdoor-like freedom. This book collects residence designs from all around the world from which we can sense the bold and unrestrained design styles by designers. Open the book to seek after your aspired Utopia…