Furniture Makes the Room. Create Special Pieces to Style a Home You Love

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Oprawa: Hardcover, Format: 25,4x20,3 cm, Stron: 192, 250 full-colour photographs, unjacketed, 2016 r.

Knack Stio founder Barb Blair is famous for her knack with furniture: spotting classic pieces and transforming them into modern showstoppers. In this inspiring book, Blair goes beyond the nuts and bolts of furniture refinishing to show how to style rooms with each customized piece. For instance, she transforms a well-worn coffee table with a painted ombre design, and then reveals how to incorporate it into a bright and sunny den, a cozy reading nook, and a cheerful bedroom.

With instructions for 15 before-and-after furniture projects-dressers, tables, beds, armoire, and more-in Blair's signature bold style, a "toolbox" section detailing her favorite techniques and materials, and photos of dozens of inspiring interiors, Furniture Makes the Room unlocks the secrets to decorating livable rooms around statement pieces.


Barb Blair and Paige French
Barb Blair is the founder of Knack, a brick-and-mortar retail shop and furniture design stio. Her work has been featured on dozens of top design websites. She is the author of Furniture Makeovers and lives in Greenville, South Carolina.

Paige French is a photographer specialising in lifestyle, editorial, interiors, food, farms and gatherings. She lives in Athens, Georgia.