Education and Contextualism. Architects Design Partnership

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Education and Contextualism focuses on Architects Design Partnerships work for schools, universities and colleges. The book begins by placing the founding of the practice against the cultural backdrop of Britain in the 1960s, with the death of Winston Churchill, the emergence of The Beatles, and the foundation of many redbrick universities. The reader is then taken on a journey through ADPs development, taking in their major educational projects, which encompass a wide variety of purposes aitoria; halls of residence and boarding houses; support and leisure services; education spaces for specialist subjects such as Art, Technology, Sport, Medicine; and Information Technology and E-learning. The book follows ADPs work both for new projects, such as the University of Birmingham and Oxford Science Park, and their extensions and additions to historic and listed buildings, such as Oxford Castle and Highgate School. In doing so, ADPs concern with building materials, bget, regeneration, landscaping, and environmental context is fully explored. Education and Contextualism reflects ADPs unique approach to architecture and is a worthy celebration of the practices 40th anniversary.