Fragments of Wilderness City: The Work of Brian Avery

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Oprawa: miękka, Format:  26,8x22,5 cm, Stron: 192,  2011 r., tekst angielski

Fragments of Wilderness City reviews the work of renowned architect Brian Avery. Avery Associates Architects have worked in close collaboration with a diverse range of clients, incling universities, commercial developers, government organisations, and charitable trusts. Fragments of Wilderness City presents perspectives from academics and architecture historians, exploring projects in India and the Middle East; major cultural commissions such as the IMAX cinemas in London and Dubai, the National Film Theatre, the Museum of the Moving Image, London Transport Museum, and the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts' headquarters in Bloomsbury, London; masterplanning work for Oxford Street in London, The Horniman Museum, and the Avenue of the Emirates in Abu Dhabi. Alongside profiles of their innovative work in product design and within the workplace is an essay by director Bryan Avery, providing insights into his notion of the sustainable 'wilderness city'. This manifesto sets out a vision of an accountable architectural and planning approach to the contemporary city, situated in a natural landscape and taking on board references to both the walled cities of the medieval period and the self-contained urban environments of the twentieth century 'new towns'. Fully illustrated with photographs, plans, and technical and conceptual drawings, this volume will appeal to all those interested in architectural innovation at every scale, from planning to design to sustainable developments.