I'll Keep Thinking

Oprawa: miękka, Format:  cm, Stron: 123, 2003 r.


Nick Crosbie’s designs for Inflate have changed the way that we look at domestic objects, with his playful reworking of everyday household items, such as his inflatable fruitbudowl, chairs and clothing. Since setting up Inflate in 1995 with, amongst others, Michael Sodeau (also featured in the Serial Books Design series), Crosbie’s signature style has incorporated a colourful palette with unusual materials, expanding his initial domestic objects into larger, architectural designs, such as the inflatable bar premiered at 100% Design in London.

This book is the first to explore Crosbie’s practice, comprising extracts from interviews between him and the series’ editor Alexander Payne. Crosbie’s designs are innovative, fun, functional and affordable, and remain at the leading edge of contemporary design.