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Key modern architects 50 short stories of modern architecture

Wydawnictwo: Bloomsbury Academic
Autor: Andrew Higgott
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
105,00 zł

ISBN-10: 1474265030

Oprawa: paperback, Format:  15,7x23,6 cm, Stron: 304, 2018 r.

Key Modern Architects provides an accessible and thought-provoking introduction to the work of the most significant architects of the modern era. Fifty short chapters introduce fifty key architects, from Le Corbusier to Aldo Van Eyck to Zaha Hadid, exploring their most influential buildings and developing a critique of each architects work within a broader cultural and historical context. The selection represents the most influential architects working from 1890 to the present, those most likely to be taught on survey courses in modern architectural history, along with some lesser-known names with an equal claim to influence. Emphasis is placed on a critical and interpretative approach, allowing the stent to position each architect in a cultural and intellectual context quickly and easily. Artistic, technical, social, and intellectual developments are brought to the fore built and unbuilt projects, writings and influences. This approach brings to light the ideology behind architectural work, offering insights into each architects working practice. - Helps stents to develop a critical approach to understanding modern architectural history. - One chapter per architect meaning chapters may be read individually as a concise resource for the sty of an architect, or together as a coherent book-length history of the whole period of modern architecture. - Chapters are supported by boxed lists of each architects most significant projects, along with suggestions for further reading as a springboard to further sty and research. Combining the clarity and accessibility of a textbook with in-depth reading and a critical approach, Key Modern Architects provides an invaluable resource for both the classroom and for independent sty in architectural and art history.