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Borromeo Palace on Lake Maggiore: Masterpiece of Italian Baroque

Wydawnictwo: Electa
Autor: Stefano Zuffi , Massimo Listri
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189,00 zł

ISBN 9788891817983

Oprawa: Hardcover, Format:  22,8x28,9 cm, Stron: 192, 2018 r.

This stunning book offers insider access to Lake Maggiore's Borromeo Palace, a resplendent achievement of baroque Italian architecture. This is a perfect volume for classic Italian art and architecture lovers.

In a unique natural setting--the Isola Bella island on Lake Maggiore, surrounded by the Alps--stands the sumptuous palace built, and still owned, by the Borromeo family. Photographs guide the readers through the halls of the palace, which overlooks the lake and offers charming views. The halls and rooms are furnished with luxury furniture, marble, and stucco decorations, and enriched with ancient sculptures, armory, and a valuable collection of six Flemish tapestries woven in gold and silk. A large painting collection can be admired in General Berthier's gallery.

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