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House with a View

Wydawnictwo: Images Publishing
Autor: Philip Jodidio
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192,00 zł
Oprawa: twarda, Format: 26x26 cm, Stron: 280, 2008 r., tekst: angielski

The increasing popularity of chalets in alpine and semi-alpine areas makes this publication a timely reminder that traditional housing is constantly evolving. This book, by internationally acclaimed architecture writer Philip Jodidio, examines the myriad forms of the modern chalet. More than just the traditional abode for the Swiss mountain lifestyle or the kitsch restaurant or retail complex, many architects have re-invigorated the chalet to respond to modern aesthetic and sustainability requirements. This book looks at chalets built to respond to not only the mountain environment, but also seaside and urban environments, many even profiling multi-family accommodation in superb locations across Europe, North America, Australia, South America and New Zealand. It incles outstanding colour photography and many plans.