Inspirational Apartments: Decoration Empire

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ISBN 9789089890382

Oprawa: Softcover, Format:  22x24 cm, Stron: 176, 2009 r

"Inspirational Apartments" is a beautiful coffee-table book, illustrating apartments that possess an international allure. The best craftsmen from around the world have collaborated to decorate and furnish these extraordinary apartments, under the direction of Decoration Empire. Thong Lei and Anne Noordam are the founders and owners of Decoration Empire, a Dutch company specialising in home decoration. Their trademarks are the use of unique materials, traditional techniques and art. Decoration Empire consists of a team of 30 people who all have their own speciality in order to be able to fulfill all of their concepts on the highest possible level. Previous publications focusing on the work of Decoration Empire include the best-selling "Past in Present".