Think Eclectic

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ISBN 9789401427951

Oprawa: Hardback, Format: 29x24 cm, Stron: 208, 2015 r.


Today's interior is surprisingly eclectic. Colourful draperies, brass chandeliers, and lots of golden accents: they are back. The Eclectic Style is a liberation from the rigid design harness: it leaves so much more to the imagination. From Amsterdam to Brussels and Paris, we discover a great variety of designers' and collectors' interiors, from baroque interiors to eclectic minimalism. This book is full of colours and adornments: it will put you in great spirits. Think Eclectic is the inspiration source for anyone who dreams of a unique interior. Author Piet Swimberghe and photographer Jan Verlinde publish in European interior magazines and have co-authored several international interior decoration books. This is their ode to the eclectic style.