Detail in Contemporary Landscape Architecture

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Detailing makes a landscape unique, and a landscape architect outstanding. Featuring many of the worlds most highly acclaimed landscape architects, this book presents 40 of the most recently completed and influential landscape designs. Each project is presented with colour photographs, site plans and sections as well as numerous construction details. There is also a brief descriptive text, detailed captions and in-depth information for each project. The projects are presented in clear and concise layouts over four pages. All commissioned especially for this book, the drawings are styled in a consistent manner and presented at standard architectural scales for easy comparison. Intended for architects, engineers and landscape architects, the book will also be invaluable for architecture, garden and landscape design stents, for whom it will be a resource not only for understanding the work of the best contemporary landscape architects, but also as a tool for their own design work.

1. Parks
01. Anton James Design, Mount Penang Gardens. Garden Park Australia
02. AP Atelier, Josef Pleskot Pathway Throught the Deer Moat, Pague Castle. Czech Republik
03. Barkow Leibinger Architects, Biosphere and Flower Pavilion. Germany
04. Batle i Roig Architects, La Vall de'n Joan. Spain
05. Burschard + Partner Architects, MFO Park, Switzerland
06. Bureu B=B Stedebouw Landschapsarchitektur. Waldpark. Germany
07. Donaldson + Warn Architects. Bali Memorial, Kings Park. Australia
08. Gustafson Guthrie Nichol. The Lurie Garden. USA
09. Enric Miralles i Benedetta. Taglibue, EMBT, Diagonal Park. Spain
10. Noel Harding Stio, Neil Hadley Landscape Architect. The Elevated Westlands. Canada
11. Schweingruber Zulaf Lanschaftsarchitekten. Oerliker Park. Switzerland
12. SWECO FFNS Architects. Dania park. Sweden
13. Wenk Associates. Northside Park. USA
14. West 8 Urban Design and Landskape Architecture Aegon Square. The Netherlands

2. Cultural
15. Atelier Kempe Thill Hedge Pavilion. Germany
16. Gigon/Guyer Architekten. Kalkreise Museum and Park. Germany
17. Hargraeves Associates Shaw Center for the arts. USA
18. Gustafson Porter Culturpark Westergasfabriek. The Netherlands
19. Grimshaw. The Eden Project. England
20. Mosbach Paysagistes Bordeaux Botanical Gardens, France
21. Nikken Sekkei Osaka City Univesity Media Centre Plaza. Japan
22. Office of Dan Kiley Cahy Gardens, Milwakuee Art Museum. USA
23. PWP Landscape Architecture Nasher Sculpture Center Garden. USA
24. Room 4.1.3. Garden of Australian Dreams. The National Museum of Australia. Australia
25. PWP Landscape architecture Copia. The American Center foe Wine, Food and Arts. USA

3. Civic
26. Edouar Francois Flowe Towee. France
27. Maya Lin Stio, Ecliptic. USA
28. OKRA Landschapsarchitecten. Bus stop and Station Square. The Netherlands
29. Edouard Francois, La Closeraie. France
30. KBAS: Keith Kaseman and Julie Beckman. The Pentagon Memorial, USA
31. Tract Consultants with Cox Rayner Architects. Cairns Esplanade. Australia

4. Waterfront
32. Abel Bainnson Butz, LLP Hson River Park . USA
33. Camlin Lonsdale Landscape Architects, Donegal Quay, Northern Ireland
34. Foreign Office Architects (FOA. South-East Coastal Park. Spain
35. Groupe Signes, Patel Taylor Thames Barrieer Park. England
36.  Hargreaves Associates Homebusch Bay. Australua
37. Latz + Partner/Latz Riehl-Bauermann Partner, Bremenhaven Old and New Harbour. Germany
38. Margarita Danou and Sevina Floridou. Voroklini Coastal Promenade. Cyprus
39. Turenscape Zhongshan Shipyard Park. China
40. W Architekture Tide Point, Baltimore Soap Factory. USA

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