Detail in Contemporary Office Design

ISBN 9781780673400

Oprawa: Hardback with DVD , Format: 29x25 cm, Stron: 192,400 colour illustrations, 2014 r.

Office design has changed significantly over the last few years and is now one of the most innovative areas of interior design.

It used to be the case that only the public spaces of an office were creatively designed, but increasingly the staff areas are seen as key reflections of the company brand as well. In more radical offices, there is also a growing belief in the importance of work areas as social spaces and a blurring of the distinction between work and recreation.

This book explores in detail 42 of the best recent office design schemes, featuring projects from leading architects around the world. Each project incles photographs as well as detailed drawings and plans, where appropriate, in addition to informative text describing the design concept and process. A bonus CD contains drawings featured in the book, in both eps and dwg (generic CAD) formats.

About the Author

Drew Plunkett was Head of the Department of Interior Design at the Glasgow School of Art. Since 1981 he has practised as an interior designer based in London and Glasgow. He is also active as an exhibitor, curator and critical writer. He is the author of Drawing for Interior Design (2009).

Olga Reid is a practising interior designer at Urban Salon, London.



395 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, Stio O+ A

Anna, Basel, ZMIK

Dreamhost, San Francisco, Stio O+A

Caja de Arquitectos, Pamplona, Inglesias and Silanes

GLEM Office, Rio de Janiero, Mareines + Patalano Architects

Google Engineering HQ, London, Penson

Hue Plus, Tokyo, Schemata Architecture Office

Khan Project Office, Seoul, Khan Project

Kirchplatz Office, Muttenz/Basel, Oppenheim Architecture + Huesler Architekten

MR Design Office, Tokyo, Schemata Architecture Office

Microsoft Headquarters, Vienna, Innocad

VOV, Seoul, Void Planning

WOW, Sendai, Upsetters Architects

Yandex, St Petersburg, Za Bor

Ymedia, Wink,Yperform, Madrid, Stone Designs

Lego PMD, Billund, Rosan Bosch and Rune Fjord


A Red Object, Shanghai, 3Gatti Architecture

Bar Code, Singapore, Ministry of Design

Brandbase, Amsterdam, Most Architecture

Cheap Monday, Stockholm, Uglycute

Epean Stio, Shanghai, Fei Wang

Goldberger, Bapest, Terhivatal

Headvertising, Bucharest, Corvin Christian

Kantoor IMd, Rotterdam, Ector Hoogstad Architecten

Netlife Research, Oslo, Eriksen Skajaa Architects

No Picnic, Stockholm, Elding Oscarson

One Size, Amsterdam, Origins Architects

Power Office, Amsterdam, 29 and Eckhardt & Leeuwenstein

Pride and Glory, Krakow, Morpho Stio

Red Bull, Amsterdam, Sid Lee Architecture

Saii+Kama, Seoul, M4

Shophouse, Bangkok, all(zone)

Skype Office, Stockholm, PS Arkitektur

Tribal DDB, Amsterdam, i29

Urban Station, Buenos Aires, Total Tool


Edison House, London, Adjaye Associates

FA Law Office, Ragusa, Chiavola+Sanfilippo Architetti

Logan Offices, New York, SO-IL

Myer Head Office, Sydney, Buro North

OfiSera, Izmir, Yerce Architecture

Pumpkin Room, Beijing, edg Creatives

Red Town, Shanghai, Taranta Creations

Sierra Space, San Francisco, Logan Johnson Architecture

Taoyuanju Office, Tianjin, Vector Architects

The JWT Agency, Paris, Mathieu Lehanneur

Thin Office, Singapore, Stio SKLIM