Renovating for Living

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Oprawa: twarda, Format:  19,4x24,5 cm, Stron: 199, 2007 r.

Sometimes restoring a building is more complicated than constructing a new one, not simply because of the historical value of the part which is to be preserved, but also bearing in mind the state of the structure is often not known before the project gets underway. This makes these commissions a real challenge as the architect must put into practice very different strategies to those deployed on a new-build, often resulting in a very satisfying experience.This book presents 28 case sties of sensitive conversions, incling work from Enric Miralles, Jo Crepain and Greg Gong. The projects incle residential conversions of historic buildings such as the Hamburg Soup Kitchen, farmhouses and warehouses. The highlights incle the House with A Porch in Asti, the exterior changed not a jot, and the Temple of Love, a pagan sty in glass and stone that rose from the ruins of a Burgundy railway station. The descriptive text focuses on the specific problems to be overcome and the often creative strategies deployed to this end. The sties are clear and uncluttered with plenty of plans and photographs.