Energy & Ecology New Apartments

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  • Producent: Monsa
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ISBN 9788415829034

Oprawa: Hardcover, Format:  24 x 29 cm, Stron: 120, 2013 r., English Spanish text


In this volume, the author works on a selection of apartment building projects located in the most important neighborhoods and centers of the largest cities in the world. Each building is located at the epicenter of everything that any inhabitant of a modern city may need, of which the author concentrates on explaining the architecture of each project and the solutions provided by the architects as well as the adaptability of the building in the typical urban environment of that city and country. Accompanied by descriptive texts, plenty of plans and documentary photographs in vivid colors, these projects demonstrate solely by themselves that because it is regarding apartment buildings, they shouldn't necessarily be monotonous and repetitive structures. In fact, they can be visually and aesthetically appealing or striking while fostering a pleasing sense of community.