Light Design Now!

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Oprawa: paperback, Format: 21,1x25,7 cm, Stron: 191, 2006 r., tekst: hiszpański

Before the time of electricity, man was already in need of a source of light to carry out his night-time activities. It was a time when candela-bras and oil lamps always provided an ideal prop for creative expres-sion. However, with the invention of the bulb and the industrial revolu-tion the rules were changed, giving rise to what was to become the "modern" lamp. Plastic and other new materials brought with them a new freedom with regard to forms, dimensions and colours. The lamp is a feature which, aside from its practical function, is also taken to be of a highly decorative value. In this respect it is an object of great interest to designers since it allows them to express not only a formal creativity but also a more ethereal effect produced by the light from their creations.

The illumination of a house, office or restaurant is now considered to be an important factor and one which interior designers take very seriously when it comes to creating the desired ambience. This isn¹t simply a matter of designing an object but in some cases, creating an effect, a sensation or an expression through lighting. A play on transparencies, colours, soft-focus or glistening effects, etc., all are worthy of consideration when it comes to creating the desired effect.
In Light design Now, we invite you to take a journey through the latest "lighting" creations from talented young and well-known designers alike who share a mutual passion for design.