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MODULAR LOFT. Creating flexible-use living environments that optimize the space

Wydawnictwo: Monsa
Autor: Anna Minguet
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
95,00 zł

ISBN 978-84-16500-56-7

Okładka: Hardcover, Format: 18x23 cm, Stron: 144, Bilingual (English/Spanish), 2018 r.

In the projects presented in this book, besides being ingenious and capable, planners make creative use of construction techniques, often artisanal, to create flexible-use living environments that optimize the use of space. Some recurring elements in this type planning are enclosures that integrate and conceal furnishings, new lofts that take advantage of underutilized interior height, furniture that can be moved to differentiate areas, and independent volumes that focus functional areas.

Więcej https://issuu.com/onebookforyou/docs/modular_loft