Urban Landscapes

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  • Producent: Monsa
  • Dostępność: Tytuł na zamówienie
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Oprawa: Hardcover + Slipcase, Format: 24 x 29 cm, Stron: 240, 2012 r., English Spanish text

The demand for incorporating natural elements in the environments created by man has increased the recognitio of the projects of the landscape architect by the rest of the members of the sector. At the same time, current society demands this type of action and recognizes the importance of restoring and preserving the city's open spaces in a environmentally responsible way, thinking of the community and the sustainability of the environment, so that now more than ever, being able to present and analyze a selection of evocative urban landscape projects, sustainable, closer to the community and located in different urban environments is an opportunity that has become a large collection of works, with particularities, requirements and different solutions but an approach which a very similar performance and sustainability.