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Wydawnictwo: PEPIN PRESS
Autor: van Roojen Pepin
Wysyłamy w ciągu 3-5 dni
79,90 zł

Oprawa: miękka, Format:  22x22 cm, Stron: 143, 2006 r. , książka plus CD, Color illus. 144p.

Artistic expression remained largely conservative until around 1880, when a new dynamic style developed that radically broke with prevailing artistic conventions. This style, 'Art Nouveau/Jugendstil' was typified by its organic forms, stylized floral compositions and abundant use of curves. Asian, most notably Japanese, influences were evident in the shapes & colors, as well as in recurring themes such as fish, birds, vegetation, clos and other natural phenomena. All the illustrations are stored in high-resolution format on the enclosed CD-ROM and are ready to use for professional quality printed media and web page design.