Culture of the city

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The presented monograph covers a widely understood topic of the culture of the city, which comprises many apparently not related issues. The city understood in historical categories becomes a background for new phenomena in the social, economic, sociological and architectural meaning.

Modern cities are becoming a synthesis of history in the sense of new ways of using many monuments and new forms of city space creation by its new users. Nowadays a city requires reorganisation of many of its urban elements, searching for the best architectural and urban solutions for many buildings that no longer perform their former functions which have become out-of-date. This refers to numerous districts, incling post-industrial ones. Development of new technologies has been changing the image of the society in an irreversible way.

The monograph is divided into three parts. The first one deals with general issues, while the next two parts constitute a discussion of urban culture (second part) and culture of architecture (third part).


Introduction 5

General Issues

Tomasz Stępień, Networks and Flows. The City in Social Theories and Interpretations of Space 13

Ewelina Woźniak-Szpakiewicz, The Architectural Event- New Expression of Contemporary Culture 27

Marta A. Urbańska, Today”s Ruins. Underconstructed Houses in City Culture 37

Anna Jóźwik, Glass and Its Technologies and the Contemporary City Culture 51

Aleksandra Omilian, City as an Interactive Museum of Identity 59

Bo Larsson, Memories of Vanished People in Chişināu, Čemivci, Lviv and Wrocław - An Issue for Urban Planning 69

Urban Planing Culture

Bartosz Kaźmierczak, Dominika Pazder, The Space of Culture in the City of Creative Public Space of the Downtown Area 89

Cristian Abrihan, Townscape and Protected Areas. Elements and Criteria for the Identification, Management and Control of the Protected Areas. The Viennese Solution 103

Wojciech Bonenberg, Research Aspect in Urban Revitalization. Selected Problems of Renewal of Poznań Downtown 113

Justyna Zdunek-Wielgołaska, The Spatial Policy of Interwar Warsaw 121

Karolina Tulkowska, Warsaw in the 19308 and Contemporary Warsaw - International Influences versus Culture of the City 135

Natalia Przesmycka, Culture of Trade Places in Lublin in the Interwar Period - An Outline of the Problem 147

Alina Pancewicz, The Creation of Post-Industrial Cities - The Case of the Upper Silesian Agglomeration 167

Jarosław Huebner, Additions to Urban and Architectural Fabric of the City - an Attempt to Determine the Design Method Integrating Architecture into the City Culture 179

Maria Agajew, Baku - “Creating the City” 191

Halyna Petryshyn, River as an Idea of the City Integration: Berlin, Madrid 201

Beata Juchniewicz, Double Life of Architecture. Urban Architecture as a Changing Scenery 215

Culture of Architecture

Barbara Rzegocińska-Tyżuk, Sports Architecture in the Context of the Culture of the City 227

Elżbieta Ratajczyk-Piątkowska, Ksenia Piątkowska, Corporate Museum in the City of Culture 237

Lucjan Kamionka, Sustainable Architecture in the Context of City Culture 245

Anna Sobotka, Tradition and Modemity of Cricoteka in Cracow - Problems with Realization 255

Monika E. Adamska, Interwar Architecture of Opole: 1919-1939 - Underestimated Heritage 265

Renata Mikielewicz, Brand and the Gated Community - Individualism, Globalization, and
Exclusion in Urban Space 281

Grzegorz Wojtkim, Did Block Housing Estates Really Have to Be Ugly? 291

Bartosz M. Walczak, Industrial and Residential Complexes: Culture of Space - Culture of Everyday Life - Culture of Revitalization 303

Krzysztof Ingarden, Contextual Architecture: Between Mimesis and Abstraction - Project of Małopolska Garden of Art, Kraków 319

Svitlana Smolenska, Problems of Preservation of the Historical Image of Kharkiv 331  

Elżbieta Przesmycka, Joanna Jabłońska, Łukasz Netczuk, Multiculturalism of Wrocław 341

Affiliations 367