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Wydawnictwo: Project Russia
Autor: Bart Goldhoorn, Alexei Muratov
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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 28x22,5 cm, Stron: 196, 2006 r., książka w języku angielskim, rosyjskim

Fundacja A-Fond, wydawca Project Russia, założona w 1995 roku przez architekta duńskiego - Bart Goldhoorna, ma na celu promowanie rosyjskiego designu i architektury okresu postsowieckiego. Wydanie 39 Project Russia z tematem przewodnim "architecture for the body"...

Opis od wydawcy:

The subject of body and architecture, the theme of this issue of Project Russia, has taken an unexpected twist recently with the collapse of the Basmanny Rynok in Moscow. Although the topic for this issue is treated as "architecture for the body", one could also interpret it as "the body of architecture". In both interpretations, questions of health and beauty are central. When we talk of architecture for the body, architecture is meant to provide the conditions for people to be healthy, beautiful, slim, and fit. When we talk about the body of contemporary architecture - its construction, - we see that it is ruled by similar notions: here health and beauty equal economy, slimness, and transparency. In both cases, the opposite is heaviness: a heavy body is ugly and unhealthy; a heavy construction is ungraceful and uneconomical. Consequently, architects and structural engineers strive to attain the maximum effect with the minimum of means. In recent decades Nodar Kancheli has certainly been the most creative structural engineer in Russia. When there is something exceptional that needs doing, he is the man to call. However, he is one of the few who take a creative approach to their profession. His work is not backed up by an overall high level of knowledge and experience with exceptional constructions. Just as a person has to look after his health and might have to visit a hospital eventually, even if he is born healthy, a building needs to be taken care of, even if it is well designed. However, in the Russian context it is not difficult to predict what will happen now: any project with a construction that looks unusual will be treated with suspicion. Engineers will pressure architects to use standard constructions. Under the pretext of safety, lots of ugly buildings will be erected. - Bart Goldhoorn, editor-in-chief





Alexei Muratov,



Elena Gonzalez

Once again about engineering


Tatyana Pashintseva

Nodar Kancheli: The cause of the collapse must be ascertained


Tatyana Pashintseva

It is easy for the architects to work with Kancheli


Nadir Kinosyan

Kazan' millenium: politics and architecture


Vladimir Frolov

The city keeps distance from its citizens


Vladimir Frolov

Architecture of St Petersburg: new discoveries


Sergei Sitar

CCA fulfilled the first five-year plan


Vladimir Frolov

St Petersburg metro. Never-ending story?


Vladimir Sedov

Promotion of sky-scrapers


Igor' Kazus'

Style in VKhUTEMAS


Sergei Nikitin

Post-constructivist sity: phantom guide


Anna Bronovitskaya

Boundless Art Deco



Announcement of the VIVA competition


Alexei Muratov

Design gallery/bulthaup: mission possible



Danish design with the Japanese accent



Revit Building: fast and high-quality



FAP ceramiche: celebrating cooperation


Andrey Yagubsky

The first cafe-shop in Moscow



Aleksandrov & Partners -



Cottage settlement on Crete






Multifunctional retail and entertainment complex in Mytishchi






Social housing complex at Shmitovsky proezd



Villeroy & Boch: Metamorphoses


Lymila Shmeliova

Maxlevel's ideal standard



Classic and Modernism: harmonious community





Bart Goldhoorn



Alexei Muratov

Body, power, architecture


Anna Bronovitskaya

A short history of hygiene: from Knossos to the present day





Elena Gonzalez

Love yourself tenderly



Potpourri: pools in private houses



Utkin Stio Apartment house in Bolshoi Levshinsky lane



Proekt Meganom La Villa, private house within a residential complex in Korobeynikov lane



Rozhdestvenka N.Chicherin's house reconstruction in St Petersburg



4a Architecten ELSE-club wellness centre in Alisa residential building



Mikail Belov Mar'ina Roshcha Peak. Residential complex with fitness centre and aquapark



Vitruvius & Sons Residential complex on Leont'evsky mys in St Petersburg





Philipp Meuser,




The healing hospitals





Anna Bronovitskaya

Three strategies of medical architecture



Mosproekt-4 Treatment and consultation block at the Botkin Hospital



Mosproekt-4 Social and Health Centre for War Veterans



Utgof & Co Cardiac recovery complex in Sverdlovsk Region



Mosproekt-4 Hospice at North Butovo





Tatiana Malinina

Memory and time: new memorial and its typological propreties



Mosproekt-4 Federal military cemetery at Mytishchi District in Moscow Region






Dmitry Geychenko Architect's house



MaMa design Private house near Moscow



Proekt Meganom Private house in Benilux settlement



Natalia Savrasova Apartment on Moskovsky prospekt in St Petersburg



Andrey Gorozhankin.Yury Ryntovt, Maria GorozhankinaCafe Aprel'





Kirill Asse

Prisons of invention


Aleksandr Rappaport

Five problems of 21st century architectural history


Irina Shipova

Social housing in Europe between two World Wars (1918-1930S)