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Store Presentation and Design 3

Wydawnictwo: Publishing
Autor: Martin Pegler
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165,90 zł
Oprawa: twarda, Format: 22,9x28,4 cm, Stron: 224, 2010 rok, tekst: angielski

With over 250 full-color photos, Store Presentation and Design Number 3 presents the finest examples of in-store visual merchandising displays that reveal how creative design and architecture plans, and merchandise presentation can work together to turn a selling space into a profit. The third book in a successful series, this exciting new edition of Store Presentation and Design presents the newest, freshest, most innovative, and most effective strategies for balancing store design, visual merchandising, and area displays. It provides direction on where new items, sales/clearance items, and general merchandise should be featured, along with visual demonstrations and photographs of how to effectively balance the sales (cash register) location with the customers' walking, resting, and shopping spaces. Because the store itself is the seller's most effective sales tool, the right combination of materials, fixtures, lighting, color, windows, furniture, displays, and showcases project the store's image, entice customers to buy, and creates a lasting impression and customer loyalty.