Gardens Are For Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces

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Bring the indoors outdoors with these inspiring design ideas. Gardens should be spaces that invite gathering, entertaining, and relaxing-gardens are for living. This is the philosophy behind Jy Kameon's design, and it reflects a shift in the way people today relate to the areas around their homes. Kameon has developed a unique style of creating rooms outside. By extending interior design to the exterior, she shows how to expand effectively the space of the home. What's more, gardens provide opportunities to engage with our surroundings and with each other in new ways. 

Here, Kameon shares insights for making dynamic outdoor spaces that are both beautiful and usable. Inspired by the midcentury-modern ethos that introduced the idea of everyday outdoor living, she shares strategies for making complete environments-what to look for when choosing the paths, walls, and plants but also the lighting, furniture, and accessories. The goal is to create a linked series of warm settings for different purposes to suit different occasions-whether it is a patio for cocktails around the fire pit, a large table for dinner parties, or a cozy hangout nook for curling up with a book. She also shows how to use elements like mats, pillows, lanterns, and benches to carve out individual retreats. It is an inspiring lifestyle with deep roots in California, but one that can be created anywhere.

About the Author

Jy Kameon has twenty years of experience as a landscape designer in Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in Garden Design, House & Garden, Dwell, The New York Times, Vogue, and SunsetJonathan Adler is an interior decorator and author of 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life.


"To make a garden truly sing, start from the ground up...landscape designer Jy Kameon shows how to make each part of your yard fully and delightfully user-friendly." -Martha Stewart Living

“Landscape designer Jy Kameon’s beautiful book of work, Gardens Are For Living, belies the author’s sixties childhood…It is a verdant tour of lush gardens that toes the line between wildness and urbanity, which has become the designer’s signature trademark…Kameon conveys a sense of place, and a colorful, modern optimism that is never saccharine—or predictable. As the title suggests, Kameon makes (and proves) her case that your outdoor space can be as important as your indoor—brilliantly landscaped outdoor amphitheaters, treehouses, and Secret Garden–like pathways are places for community, artistic expression, entertainment, and, perhaps most importantly, play. And while the photography of her work is obviously transportive, so is her lovely way of telling stories and doling out practical tips for novice gardeners…the warmer days are en route—[and] you best not waste them indoors.” –

"Over the past two decades, Jy Kameon, the founder of the design firm Elysian Landscapes, has created some of Southern California’s most inviting outdoor spaces. She focuses primarily on residential gardens for clients like Sofia Coppola but has also completed some notable commercial commissions, incling the grounds of the Parker Palm Springs, a project on which she worked closely with Jonathan Adler, who designed the hotel’s interiors. Kameon’s gardens have a casual, naturalistic feel but are marvels of precise botanical pairing, ingenious layout, and smart furniture and accessory selection." -Architectural Digest

"Landscape designer Jy Kameon's first book, Gardens Are for Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces, with a foreword by design maestro Jonathan Adler, is a densely packed, playful, and easy-to-penetrate read. Kameon's generously shared with the world what she's been sharing with her friends and clients for years: how she does it, what her process is, and where she gets her inspiration. There's nothing one dimensional about the way Kameon thinks, lives her life or plans her gardens, which are layered and carefully constructed to make the most out of a space. Consideration is given to comfortable seating, lighting—whether it be from fire pits or Morcoccan lanterns hanging from the trees to extend the time in the garden—, and hardscaping materials that add interest and define spaces. She thinks the same way an interior designer does, adding accessories that make a "room" feel inviting: a colorful Bauer pot to ignite a table, striped throw cushions, even vintage finds like playful ceramic parrots or Foo Dogs to give the garden character."

“Get your Post-its ready for Gardens Are For Living. With imagery ranging from midcentury Slim Aarons to her painted illustrations and client projects, so-very-Californian Elysian Landscapes designer Jy Kameon shows that “being outside is often the better choice.” –C California Style

"Jy Kameon, began her career in landscape design 20 years ago, transforming an empty lot next to her Elysian Park bungalow into an urban oasis. Her firm Elysian Landscapes was born from the project and has since acquired a reputation for creating lush yet comfortable outdoor living spaces. This month marks the release of her book Gardens Are for Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces...a gorgeous compliation." -Los Angeles Magazine

"If the idea of actually reading on a lazy spring weekend seems a bit too ambitious and what you really crave is some creative inspiration, unwind your way through Gardens Are for Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces, a gorgeous book showcasing outdoor living spaces, with a foreword by design guru Jonathan Adler." -Indulge


Gardens Are For Living by Jy Kameon, with foreword by Jonathan Adler
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