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Nasza oferta

Eastmodern Architecture and Design of the 1960s and 1970s in Slovakia

Wydawnictwo: Springer Verlag
Autor: Hertha Hurnaus ,Benjamin Konrad, Maik Novotny
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Okładka: miękka, Format:  21x23 cm, Stron: 238  r., 2007 r., tekst w języku angielskim

Eastern modernist architecture of the 60’s and 70’s is moving away from the specialized focus of international architecture debates and becoming a subject of discussion within the broader context of general interest. The excellent photos in this book convey the flair of an era in which planning was obviously the product of a collective vision, more so than is the case today.

This photographic and documentation project compiled by Herta Hurnaus, who lives in Vienna, and the architects Benjamin Konrad and Maik Novotny analyzes the work of prominent Slovakian architects of the time in a photographic documentary and an “oral history”.

The monumental buildings are above all most impressive at first glance, with features that display parallels to the sculptural designs of popular contemporary offices.

This illustrated book contains short interviews in an appendix. It addresses architects and all those who are fascinated by the aesthetic of the time.