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  • Producent: TASCHEN
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Oprawa: turtleback, Format: 19,6x19,6 cm, Stron: 640, 2006 r., tekst wielojęzyczny: angielski, niemiecki, francuski

The world's sharpest creative minds are in high demand in the advertising world, because making effective ads takes a whole lot more than just marketing know-how. A great ad grabs the viewer’s attention and gets the point across in an original, surprising, funny, touching, or even shocking way. Because ads reflect global and regional mentalities, stying them is interesting not only for their selling points but also for what they have to say about their clients and target aiences. This mega-roundup of the world's best contemporary advertisements highlights the work of agencies in over 40 countries. Organized by subjects, such as socio-political, food and beverage, cars, technology, and media, the ads are dated and annotated with information on the design agencies, clients, and products. Also incled are essays written by top creative directors incling members and presidents of the jury in advertising Festivals such as the Cannes Advertising Festival and Clio Awards. This guide is a must-have for managers, advertising stents and professionals, graphic designers, and anyone who’s interested in the different ways products are advertised around the world.