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Berlin Now

Wydawnictwo: Te Neues
Autor: Dagmar von Taube
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439,00 zł

Okładka: twarda, Format:  28x35 cm, Stron: 256, 2010 r.


A city at the crossroads of history, Berlin is a dynamic metropolis known for its edgy and vibrant role in the worlds of fashion, art, media, film, business, and politics. This photographic portfolio features works by iconic artists such as Peter Lindbergh, Elliott Erwitt, Oliver Mark, Andreas Muhe, and Daniel Biskup, as well as rising stars from the newest generation of photographers. Browse stunning images of Berlin's past glories and hardships, as well as multi-faceted glimpses of its current eclectic energy. Edited by Dagmar von Taube, reporter with her finger on the pulse of international society; in collaboration with top Berlin photo gallery Camera Work and the Ullstein-Bildarchiv, renowned archive of photographic art.