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Cool Hotels Spain

Wydawnictwo: Te Neues
Autor: Kunz Martin Nicholas
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62,30 zł

Oprawa: miękka, Stron: 224, Format: 14,3 x 18,5 cm , 2008 r.


Long a favorite travel destination, Spain is host to a growing number of chic, contemporary lodgings that offer every comfort and amenity. This compilation of hip places to stay features the most noteworthy accommodations throughout the country. Every entry contains a wealth of practical information? all you need to make your trip a reality. Whether you're looking for a quiet getaway or a stylish pied-terre, all these sophisticated choices guarantee a memorable stay.


  • In-depth information for the traveler
  • Extensive illustrations for design lovers and hotel professionals
  • Cool Hotels Spain won the Prix Villegiature 2008 in the category "Best book on hotels published in Europe 2008"