Door & Window Design

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Okładka: twarda, Format:  24x19.5 cm, Stron: 136  r., 2006 r., tekst w języku angielski, niemieckim, francuskim, włoskim, hiszpańskim

Doors and windows are distinctive elements of a building’s style. They define a building’s appearance, as well as playing a crucial role in ventilation, lighting, and insulation. This comprehensive round-up features the many door and window types available today, incling the most recent technical advances and design trends, with a focus on innovative materials, styles and shapes. Showcasing a multite of design challenges and solutions, this volume is an invaluable reference and inspiration for the architect, homeowner, or interior decorator.

With a background in architecture and photography, Antonio Corcuera is a freelance architectural writer based in Barcelona. He is currently involved in several editorial and curatorial projects in the Netherlands and Spain.

* Another of teNeues’ authoritative series of guides to design trends and up-to-the-minute information
* Incles extensive color photographs and informative text