Living in Style New York

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  • Producent: Te Neues
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Oprawa: Hardcover with jacketFormat: 18x14 cm, Stron: 220, 250 color photographs 2014 r., Text in English, German and French
Edited by Vanessa Weiner von Bismarck, Texts by Jean Nayar
Few cities are as renowned for its energy and style as New York. Long a magnet for leaders in fashion, art, design, and commerce, this metropolis is home to one of the most influential assortments of tastemakers anywhere. It’s no wonder that New York’s top interiors would be as dynamic and varied as its inhabitants. Browsing through the pages of this stunning volume, we get a chance to glimpse the luxurious and imaginative rooms normally hidden from public view—or only ever seen by the privileged few—amid both urban and country landscapes. Whether it’s aspiration or curiosity that drives you, you’ll find plenty to marvel at in these extraordinarily high-end living spaces.

  • An impressive collection of distinctly New York interiors
  • An overview of the city’s most diverse and finest residences