Photopocket California

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Oprawa: miękka, Format: 21,5x16,5 cm Stron: 120, 2005 r., książka w języku angieskim, niemieckim, francuskim, włoskim, hiszpańskim

Photographer Chris Bliss grants us an astounding overview of one of the most varied and beautiful landscapes on Earth … California. In approximately 100 captivating photographs, we experience the wonders of this enchanting place. From desert vistas to panoramas of snow-capped mountains, from wildflowers meadows to pristine lakes still as mirrors, not to mention the vitality of life in its famous cities … it’s all here. Gaze upon the bands of intrepid surfers cruising magnificent waves, or marvel at a time-lapse image of cars as they cruise the neon-stded landscape of Santa Monica. And, of course all of the iconic images of California are amply represented.

A native New Yorker, Christopher Bliss is a successful commercial and fine art photographer. His work has been published in teNeues calendars for the past several years and in spring 2005, teNeues published his book New York. He lives in California.

  • An outstanding collection of photographs that captures the beauty and variety of the California landscape, both natural and manmade
  • Another in teNeues’ successful color version of its Photopocket series, this will be the perfect keepsake for any traveler, and a source of pride for all natives

Wydawnictwo teNeues do chwili obecnej wydało aż 18 tomów z serii Photopocket. Są to polecane przez naszą księgarnię książki z fotografiami z: 
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