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Art Deco Furniture

Wydawnictwo: Thames & Hudson
Autor: Alastair Duncan, Alain-Rene Hardy
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145,00 zł
Oprawa: paperback, Format: 22,6x26,2 cm, Stron: 192, 1992 r., tekst: angielski

The Art Deco movement - with its emphasis on up-to-date individuality combined with good taste, fine materials and exquisite workmanship - became all the rage in France. Other countries produced their own versions of the style, but in furniture especially, the French predominated: the world had not seen such creative design for 125 years; on the one hand, the virtuoso cabinet-making of Ruhlmann, on the other, the brilliant originality of Gray and Legrain. Alastair Duncan introduces us to the work of over eighty architects, furniture makers and interior designers. The colour and monochrome photographs - almost all of them specially commissioned for this book - form a valuable portfolio of Art Deco furniture which should be of special value to those seeking comprehensive information about a design movement which has proved of lasting appeal both to collectors and to the general public.