Artists' Homes. Live/Work Spaces for Modern Makers

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ISBN 9780500021323

Oprawa: PLC (no jacket), Format:  25x19,5 cm, Stron: 288, 2018 r.

In Artists’ Homes, writer and photographer Tom Harford Thompson presents some thirty individual, eccentric houses and workspaces, from a music producer’s stio in Hackney to an eco-warrior’s treehouse on the Sussex Downs. His evocative photographs show how our live/work spaces, whether a tumbledown cottage, a country farmhouse or a reclaimed factory, are beautiful because of the lives we live in them. With work no longer separate from home life, we see how these artists function in the homes that inspire them, pursuing the life creative.

Among the artists and craftspeople featured are Billy Childish, co-founder of the Stuckist art movement; Penny Rimba and Gee Vaucher, founding members of Crass and creative partners who set up their home and stio as an ‘anarchist-pacifist open house’ (Dial House, in Essex); music producer Liam Watson of the famed London stio Toe Rag; vintage motorcycle dealer Ian Hatton, of cult shop Verralls; vintner Peter Hall of Breaky Bottom Vineyard, one of the first wineries in the UK; and many more.

Contents List

Billy Childish • Jonny Hannah • Peter Hall • Lisa Smallpiece • Sarah Walton • Viv & Ben English • Anthony & Lori Inglis-Hall • Carolyn Trant • Chris Lewis • Patrick Hall • James Mitchell • Hamish Black • Tom Reeves • Hamish McKenzie • Steve Turner • Liam Watson • Ian Hatton • Penny Rimba & Gee Vaucher • Alan Dodd • Daniel • John & Diana Morley • Thomas & Angel Zatorski • Steve Lowe • Corina Fletcher • Mark Wilson • Robert Hayward • Alison Morris

About the Author

Tom Harford Thompson is an interiors writer and photographer. His work has featured in both the Guardianand Art Review.