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Avant Gardeners

Wydawnictwo: Thames & Hudson
Autor: Tim Richardson
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125,00 zł
Oprawa: miękka, Format: 20,9x23 cm, Stron: 352, tekst: angielski

The leading edge of recent garden design has not only embraced the latest thinking in science and materials, but also appropriated ideas from related disciplines, such as architecture and product design, redefining and blurring the borders of nature and the man-made in the process. Avant Gardeners presents the fifty most exciting and innovative contemporary garden- and landscape-design practices from around the world. The work of each designer is profiled through informative texts and projects shown in photographs and plans. Throughout the book, essays explore the underlying principles of these highly individual approaches to creating outdoor spaces and show how a rising generation has rejected the naturalistic tradition of Western garden design, favouring instead the influences of Modernism, Postmodernism, Pop Art and Land Art.