Big Shed

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  • Producent: Thames & Hudson
  • Dostępność: Nakład wyczerpany

Oprawa: twarda, Format: 22,6x27,4 cm, Stron: 304, 2007 r., tekst: angielski

Wybór najlepszych współczesnych realizacji architektonicznych w dużej skali - sale wystawowe, areny sportowe, fabryki, lotniska, magazyny, stacje kolejowe, centra sztuki i sale koncertowe. Poczynając od 19 wiecznych żelaznych struktur, realizacje podzielone są wg ich funkcji: wystawiennictwo, przemysł, transport, sport i sztuka. Całość prezentuje najlepsze przykłady dużych realizacji z ponad 20 lat, włączając prace Franka Gehry'ego, Normana Fostera, Richarda Rogersa, Jean Nouvela, Daniela Libeskinda.

An exploration of contemporary architecture's decision to ‘think big', this book will inform and inspire architects, engineers and anyone who wonders at these extraordinary structures. Exhibition halls and sports arenas, factories and warehouses, airports and railway stations, arts centres and concert halls: big sheds are all around us yet the story behind their extraordinary growth has gone untold. Beginning with the roots of the big shed - incling 19th-century iron structures, the work of Buckminster Fuller, Archigram, and the Pompidou and Sainsbury Centres - the book is organized by function: exhibitions, industry, transport, sports and arts. Together these areas account for the best examples of big sheds over the past twenty years, and incle work by Frank Gehry, Norman Foster, Richard Rogers, Jean Nouvel, Daniel Libeskind, Nicholas Grimshaw and Toyo Ito, among many others. From the vertiginous daring of Tokyo International Forum to Madrid's award-winning Barajas Airport, these structures have changed the very nature of architecture. Throughout the book Pryce's dramatic photography captures the buildings' primal vastness, while technical drawings help explain how they were designed, built and function. Will Price stied architecture at Cambridge University and The Royal College of Art, and photojournalism at The London College of Printing. His most recent books are the hugely acclaimed Brick: A World History (in collaboration with the author James W. P. Campbell) and the equally successful Architecture in Wood.