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Material Innovation: Product Design

Wydawnictwo: Thames & Hudson
Autor: Andrew H. Dent, Leslie Sherr
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105,00 zł

ISBN 9780500291290

Oprawa: miękka, Format:   24x19 cm, Stron: 208, 355 Illustrations, 355 in colour, 2014 r.

MATERIAL INNOVATION is an ambitious new series identifying and examining the new and innovative materials that are transforming art, design and technology practice.

‘Ideal as a reference guide for both those in design education and professionals’ – New Design
‘An inspiring survey as well as a comprehensive reference guide’– Coolhunting.com

This volume features carefully selected products that showcase the innovative use of a particular material, focusing on specific categories of products – grown materials, surface fortification, advanced composites, additive manufacturing media, recycled materials and the integration of electricity. Clearly structured and illustrated with carefully selected images throughout, this book will connect material to reader and will inspire both stents and professionals to pursue the optimal material for each specific application.

The coverage of the projects is extensive, from medical equipment to clothing, with materials ranging from hemp and kelp to titanium and biocomposite glass fibres. Six specially commissioned ‘visual narratives’ by experts in the field are incled. The extensive illustrated materials directory contains detailed information on almost 100 materials.

The series is being produced in association with Material ConneXion, a materials consultancy agency with unparalleled expertise in innovative and sustainable materials. Its materials library of advanced, innovative and sustainable materials and processes is the largest of its kind in the world.

With a preface by Michele Caniato, the President of Material ConneXion, and an introduction by Allan Chochinov, Chair and Co-founder of the School of Visual Arts MFA in Products of Design Program in New York, the texts are authoritative and yet also accessible.

Andrew H. Dent, Ph.D., Vice President of Library and Materials Research at Material ConneXion, leads a team of material experts to solve design challenges and help companies develop the products of tomorrow.
Leslie Sherr has written extensively about architecture, design and gardens. As a brand strategist, she has worked for several leading communication design firms, most recently C&G Partners.

Contents Page

Preface by Michele Caniato
Introduction by Allan Chochinov

Visual Narrative – David Trubridge

CHAPTER 1 • Grown materials
    Hemp Chair – Stio Aisslinger
    BioCouture – Suzanne Lee 
    Bogobrush – John McDougall
    Gord Bottle – Jerry Mejia
    Kelp Lampshades – Julia Lohmann 
    Yulex R2 Front-Zip Full Suit – Patagonia and Yulex Corporation
    iNature iPhone Cover – Luca Torresi and Carlo Vecchiola 
    Coco Mat Board – NSP / Global Surf Industries
    Corky Water Bottle – Ruben Marques Pedro

Visual Narrative – Samuel Wilkinson

CHAPTER 2 • Surface Protection
    Voyager Legend – Plantronics
    Micralox Coating on Aluminum – Dr. Mike Sung, Sanford Process
    Bloom Cookware – Enrico Azzimonti
    MC Metafuse Binding Line – Union Binding Company
    CST-01 – Jerry O’Leary and Dave Vondle
    The Glider – Kammok
    Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio – Logitech

Visual Narrative – Stio Dror

CHAPTER 3 • Advanced Composites
    Tegra-Lite – Tumi
    Ganymed Walking Aid – Karen Ostertag and Dr. Sigmar Klose
    The Light Room – Bram Geenen
    Ergon SR2 BioComp Concept Saddle – Ergon Werksdesign
    Fu Lei Zhi Seat – Vivian Chiu
    Fornix Ski Helmet – Fredrik Hallander and Jan Woxing, POC Sports
    Mojo UFO Tent – Vincent Mares
    Bering Sleeping Bag – Sarah Groth
    W127 Lamp – Dirk Winkel
    Lynx Ski – Thomas Greenall

Visual Narrative Eric Chan of ECCO Design

CHAPTER 4 • Additive Manufacturing Media
    13:30 Headphones – John Mabry, Teague
    Bespoke Fairings – Scott Summit, Bespoke Innovations
    Titanium Jaw – Biomed Research Group of the University of Hasselt, Xios Hogeschool, Xilloc Medical BV, and the Catholic University of Leuven
    Stainless Steel Bone Cuff – Nervous System
    Endless Flow Rocking Chair – Dirk Vander Kooij
    Iron Man 2 Body Armor – Legacy Effects
    Nike Flyknit Lunar1+ –Ben Shaffer, Nike
    3D-Printed Optics – Karl D. D. Willis, Eric Brockmeyer, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott E. Hson
    Mylon Glasses – MYKITA

Visual Narrative – Dikini

CHAPTER 5 • Recycled Materials
    Green Chair – Javier Mariscal
    Papillon Cutlery Set – FaddaSantos
    NewspaperWood – Mieke Meijer with Vij5
    IN-EI Light Collection – Issey Miyake + Reality Lab
    Vac from the Sea – Electrolux
    Çurface Composite Panels – Adam Fairweather, Re-worked, Nick Rawcliffe, Rawstio

Visual Narrative – Paola Navone

CHAPTER 6 • Embedded Technology
    Energy Collection – Marjan van Aubel
    Microbial Home Probe – Philips Design
    Nuubo Integrated Cardiac Monitoring Garment – Nuubo
    Moss Table – Carlos Peralta, Alex Driver and Paolo Bombelli
    SpaceTop – Jinha Lee
    Beröra – Alexander Gjersoe and Hans Magne Ekre
    Switch60 – David Horn, SWITCH Lighting
    miCoach Elite Team System – adidas Wearable Sports Electronics Team
    Duracell Powermat – Dino Sanchez, Einav Sadan Duschak, Charlie Ozana, and Brian Guze
    Revival Vest – James McNab
    Smart Bandage Bacteria Sensor – Edgar D. Goluch
    K-Dress – CuteCircuit

Materials Directory
Additional Reading
Contributor Contacts
Visual Narrative Captions
Picture Credits
The Authors and Acknowledgments