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Minimal Living

Wydawnictwo: Beta-Plus
Autor: Praca zbiorowa
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Oprawa: miękka , Format: 24x30 cm, Stron: 208, 2008 r., tekst: angielski

Minimalism emerged in the United States in the 1960s. The trend for minimalism began in the field of sculpture and soon became popular with painters.  The development was less quick to take hold within architecture, but it was no less significant: architects inspired by minimalism, such as John Pawson, Claio Silvestrin, Peter Zumthor and Alberto Campo Baeza, brought about far-reaching changes in the world of contemporary architecture and interiors. The power of simplicity is fundamental to minimalist living: the purest essence of the home and interior, with no redundancy or frills. This book presents fifteen recently completed projects by leading architects and designers who have been influenced by minimalism: they are all worthy ambassadors of the “less is more” principle.