Out of Town

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  • Producent: Images Publishing
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Oprawa: twarda, Format: 19x26 cm, Stron: 224, 2006 r., tekst: angielski

This beautifully photographed book explores the lure of the countryside: the wide open spaces and starry skies, the lack of neighbours, noise and pollution, the ability to 'get away from it all'. Many people are choosing to persue their 'sea change' inland, and are creating some spectacular homes in well-hidden locations. However, the diversity and fragility of rural locations provide substantial challenges for the architect of today, primarily, how to insert a building into a pristine environment without affecting often delicate ecosystems. With the preservation of the natural environment a high priority, architects must work with challenging topography to create structures that 'touch the earth lightly'. Out of Town brings together a wonderful colelction of architects' responses to the challenges of building homes in the country.