Private Paradise: Contemporary American Gardens

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Oprawa: twarda, Format:  22,9x29,2 cm, Stron: 264, 2012 r.

Sweeping, voluptuous, and authoritative, "Private Paradis"e instantly joins an elite collection of great and inspiring garden design books. Charlotte Frieze presents forty-one cutting-edge gardens, all richly photographed and profusely illustrated, emphasizing design, climate, and horticulture. Overarching themes of Aqua, Arcadia, Bold Geometry, Color, Nightscapes, Oasis, Sanctuary, and Urban cogently frame chapters about the challenges presented by the land, the climate, and the client's interests. Located throughout the United States, these gardens demonstrate the intersection between traditional elements of garden design and current concerns such as sustainability, drought tolerance, and use of native plants. " Private Paradise" features the work of the most talented landscape architects and garden designers working in the United States today, incling Topher Delaney, Marta Fry, Kathryn Gustafson, Raymond Jungles, Steve Koch, Ron Lutsko, Steve Martino, Pamela Palmer, Ken Smith, Christine Ten Eyck, and Thomas Wolz. In a publication that rightfully takes its place on the sturdy foundation of a century's worth of garden surveys and design monographs, "Private Paradise" creates a compelling portrait of contemporary landscape design.