Red Dot Design Yearbook 2013/2014, Set (Living + Doing + Working) - okładki miękkie

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  • Producent: Red Dot Design
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The yearbook volumes “Living”, “Doing” and “Working” are a must for anyone interested in remaining up-to-date on the current trends in international product design: architects, designers, product and purchasing managers, design institutes, technology freaks, design-scene insiders, and individuals who are fascinated by culturally relevant product development. The volume titled “Living” presents furniture, household items, cooking utensils, lamps and sanitary installations. The volume “Doing” displays products from activity- and lifestyle-oriented categories, such as garden furniture and tools, outdoor and sporting goods, fashion, lifestyle, clocks, jewellery, entertainment technology as well as cars and other vehicles of transportation. And the volume “Working” presents products from the working- and technology-oriented categories, such as office furniture and accessories, medical equipment, tools and instruments, computers and telephones. – The exclusive hardcover set, boasting premium white, black and red covers, offers an exclusive touch, with sturdier covers than the flexicover set. Each of the hardcover volumes is complemented by a paper sleeve. In the case of the lower-priced flexicover set, a flexible soft-cover envelops each individual volume.