Selfmade City. Berlin: Self-Initiated Urban Living And Architectural Interventions

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  • Producent: JOVIS
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Oprawa, Softcover with flapsFormat: 21x27 cm, Stron: 224, with num. col. Images, 2013 r.

Berlin is thought of as the city of Urban Pioneers, a place where everything is possible and where space can be taken over and transformed. -Voids and unused spaces waiting to be occupied, old buildings engaged with new program. The self-determined design of space, building, living and working, be it in the form of builder collectives or co-housing (Baugruppen), co-op’s (Genossenschaften), co-working spaces or other project forms, has produced an architectural diversity and quality in Berlin over the last fifteen years that is exemplary. SELFMADE CITY presents the evolving condition in Berlin, incling a survey of over 120 projects, an analysis of the qualities and potentials of these projects as well as 50 best-practice case sties. Which contributions are being made in private initiative for the development of the city and what can be achieved in the future? Which methods and strategies are generating added value?

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