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Shelter for Culture - Cultuur onder dak - Herman Hertzberger & Apeldoorn

Wydawnictwo: 010 Publishers
Autor: Herman Hertzberger
Wysyłamy w ciągu 24h
77,00 zł52,00 zł

Oprawa: miękka, Format: 27 x 21 cm, Stron: 72,   2004 rok, książka w języku angielskim i holenderskim


The significance of Herman Hertzberger’s public buildings in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, is in how they converge as art or theatrical performances, encourage conversation or merely linger. His labyrinthine architecture offers the chance to briefly step outside the day-to-day drudgery and marvel at the new vistas that Hertzberger’s designs provide. His Apeldoorn work is pictured here, printed on mat paper, full-page, with additional sketches.

For more information on Herman Hertzberger please visit: www.hertzberger.nl
CODA is a true Hertzberger, one that allows you to let go of life and float away along new perspectives, if only for a moment.

CODA is a cultural mixed-use building in Apeldoorn, the city in which Herman Hertzberger’s victory began in the 1970s with the insurance building for Centraal Beheer. The municipality of Apeldoorn wanted to house two museums, the city archives and an extension to the adjacent city library. As usual, Hertzberger did not make a freestanding sculpture but focused his attention on the urban context. He created a new space in which people come together to look at art, go to the theatre, engage in conversation or merely linger. The archives sit atop the main glass volume in a sealed box.