Sports Parks: Directions in Design for Recreational Zones

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ISBN: 9781864706475

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Open space, sport and outdoor recreation are important components of people’s lives.

They provide many cultural, social, economic and environmental benefits and contribute positively to physical and mental health. Everyone, particularly children, the elderly and those with disabilities, should have easy access to open space and the opportunity to participate in sport and outdoor recreational pursuits.

The primary purpose of sports parks is to provide for organized sports and physical activity. These spaces need to function with a high degree of organization and should cater for sports uses ranging from junior team training to major competitive events, at both the local and city-wide levels.

This impressive book features the newest directions for design projects from internationally renowned designers, and inspires with new and exciting ideas for sports park landscape design, showcased through informative guidelines, superb photography, detailed plans and step-by-step drawings. Sports Parks is must-have reference for architects, planners, and landscape designers.

Jim Barnum is President of Spectrum Skateparks Inc. and has over 18 years’ experience in concrete skatepark planning and design, project management and construction. He has worked as senior skatepark designer on over 160 award-winning projects in diverse climates, geographies and countries dealing with every aspect from initial planning through construction completion.

Jim was a sponsored, competition-level skateboarder, and still actively rides today. His design work is informed by 30 years of riding skateparks and iconic street and “natural terrain” spots across the world from the streets of Shanghai and Barcelona to the budowls, backyard pools and drainage ditches of southern California. Jim is internationally recognized as an innovator in his field, and is regularly called on to conduct seminars and workshops, as well as to write articles for books and magazines on skatepark development. His most recent award was an Award of Excellence from the Government of British Columbia for Creative Achievement in Applied Art and Design.