Stores and Retail Spaces 12 Intl

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  • Producent: ST Media Group
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Oprawa: twarda, Format:  21,6x27,9 cm, Stron: 168, 2012 r.
This is the twelfth edition of this popular series, with 300 full-colour photos, features 43 cutting-edge new and renovated speciality shops, department stores, shop-in-shops, shopping centre kiosks, food courts, counter-service and sit-down restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, speciality food shops, entertainment facilities, service retailers, exhibits, manufacturer showrooms and auto dealerships. The winning projects were carefully chosen by members of the Retail Design Institute (formerly the Institute for Store Planners, or ISP) for excellence in store planning, visual merchandising, innovation, graphics and lighting. Seek ideas and inspiration from 38 top retail design firms from around the world as they present exciting, inviting spaces for retail establishments of every major kind.