Tropical Gardens Hidden Exotic Paradises

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Oprawa: Flexibound , Format:  23,5x33,5 cm, Stron: 224, 2013 r., 578 illustrations, plans and drawings

From the contents:

  • Baan Botanica in Bangkok, Thailand (Bensley Design Stios)
  • Key West Retreat, USA (Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture)
  • Davids Garden in Treasure Cay, Bahamas (Raymund Jungles)
  • Hortus Consensus in Nagasaki, Japan (Leon Kluge Garden Design)
  • Mali Mali in Mialo, Australia (Hortulus Landscape Design)

The embodiment of relaxation and well-being, tropical gardens are man-made paradises on earth. They offer breathtaking beauty and ample opportunity to let one`s spirit flow while enjoying with all senses a full range of experiences – be it the rustle of palm trees, the twitter of hummingbirds, a cornucopia of lush colors, or the exotic scent of vanilla, cinnamon and orchids. All combine to put body, spirit, and soul into peace and harmony. 

This volume presents exhilarating landscapes from all tropical regions of the world, displaying thrillingly ingenious arrangements of plants and trees. These are interspersed by pavilions, statues, bridges, and waterfalls that blend harmoniously with their enchanting surroundings. With sure instincts, botanical expertise, and great attention to detail, landscape architects and gardeners have succeed in creating veritable little pieces of paradise.